Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions from clients about building a sunroom in northern Michigan.
What is the first step to getting info on a sunroom?

We ask our customers to visit our showroom first. They’ll see the components and pictures and we’ll go through the building process with them. Next we will make an appointment to go to their home for a free estimate. There we will see their application and take the necessary measurements to give them an accurate cost for their project. Then they make their decision in their time frame— no pressure!

What sizes are available?
The sunrooms are custom built so they are built according to your design. All the components— windows, doors, floors and roof are ordered specifically for your project.
How do I heat my sunroom?

We recommend a supplement heat source for the sunroom. Smaller rooms work well with a PTAC unit. Gas log or pellet stoves work well in larger rooms and must be vented.

Can my sunroom be shingled?
The gable rooms are shingled to match the existing roof.
What do I put on the floor of my sunroom?
The floor panels are polystyrene pressed between OSB so the floor is ready for pad and carpet. If ceramic, wood, or vinyl products are used an underlayment is required per the manufacturer.
Can I put blinds in my sunroom?
Yes, blinds can be attached to the extrusion over the windows.
Can I remove the vinyl siding from the wall of my home?

Yes, we have installed paneling, barn wood, or T&G (tongue and groove) pine on many of our rooms. It takes the “porch” feel out of the room.

Can I put a hot tub in my sunroom?
Yes, the floor panels are engineered to support the appropriate amount of weight per square foot needed for a hot tub.
Will I have steps in my sunroom?
We believe the older we get the fewer steps we need to climb, so we set the sunroom floor level to match that of the existing house.
What about critters getting under my sunroom?
We enclose the rooms to the ground with different materials depending on how high off the ground the room is built. This would be discussed during the estimate process.
What is the service area of The Sunroom Factory?

We will go anywhere in northern Michigan. Most of our sunrooms have been built to enjoy the beautiful views available in northern Michigan.

What is the contracting process?

When we contract a sunroom it takes 4 weeks to get our products. When we’re called with delivery dates we call the customer with an installation date. While building the room in the shop, we schedule Miss Dig to mark the area if necessary and pull the permits. Once the installers are on site it takes 3-7 days to build the room.

What if I already have a deck and roof, can I enclose that area?
Yes, we call that application a wall system. Because the rooms are custom built we can design to fill in the walls with our window sections.

More Questions?

We would love to answer any other questions you have about building your sunroom. Give us a call, fill out the form below, or better yet, stop by our showroom for more information!

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